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Premium Brazilian Natural Latex Classic Shape Cervical Pillow with 100% Percale Cotton Cover - FIRM

  • 4550

Dreamsweet Premium Brazilian Natural Latex Classic Shape Pillows are crafted from high quality sustainable rubber trees and in an eco-friendly HCFCS-free manufacturing facility in Brazil. The perforated design on the foam ensures fresh and cool night sleep. Those pillows alleviate neck and shoulder pain and help reduce snoring.

Offered in Queen and Standard Sizes

- Medium density foam which is soft, yet supportive.

- Natural latex foam is resilient and will not pack down as regular pillows

- Alleviates neck and shoulder pain & provides excellent comfort

-- Sustainable and eco-friendly latex harvest

 - Mold and mildew resistant. Naturally hypoallergenic.

- HCFCS-free production

- Washable and Removable 100% percale cotton cover with zipper


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